Through the lensbaby - May 2013 - sweet 35, double glass, wide angle, blog circle,

maandag 20 mei 2013

This is already the 3rd post of our monthly blog circle of Through the Lensbaby. And with every blog post i get more excited. 
Oh, how i love my lensbabies! 

The black & white images are all taken with the composer pro and the sweet 35. The coloured ones are captured with the composer pro with the double glass optic + wide angle. 

After enjoying my blogpost, please visit my amazingly talented friends around the world to see what they have captured this month with their lovely Lensbabies.

First, you can check out the gorgeous pictures of my dear friend, Sarah Cunningham Vaughn of  Sunshine Lane Photography

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Thanks you!

3 opmerkingen

  1. These are just so wonderful! I love his expressions and the joy you've captured! The colors are so rich and beautiful too. Love them so much, Willie!

  2. Love them all but number 4 is my favorite. Great job Willie!

  3. I love these! And it's nice to see older kids, too! Your color images are such fun, and your color so perfect for the mood.


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