A magical Christmas at Disneyland Paris - Natural light Fuji Photography, Willie Kers the Netherlands

maandag 28 december 2015

Image of Christmas in Disneyland Paris with the Fuji XT1 and the Fujinon 16-55 2.8 By Willie Kers of GlamourKidz Photography

This year we decided to make this Christmas very special to our family. So we went to Disneyland Paris. It was amazing!
We spent our nights in the most beautiful Disneyhotel you have ever seen and  our days in the parks of Disney!. Meeting Mickey Mouse, watching the Christmas parade, and enjoying the magic of Disney! The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun! To us this was the most magical Christmas ever! We surely created some everlasting and unforgettable memories!

year 2015 in images - natuurlijk licht fotograaf en workshop fotografie in Apeldoorn, Gelderland

dinsdag 22 december 2015

review of the images shot in 2015 by Willie Kers of GlamourKidz Photography
The year 2015 was an amazing year! I've met a lot of wonderful people, stunning models, travelled a lot to teach photography workshops and enjoyed a lot beautiful sunsets. Amazing sunset to photograph beautiful children.

Have all a beautiful Xmas and an wonderful 2016!

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