Review of the Bellevue Avenue Resplendent collection - natural light photography, workshop & mentoring by Willie Kers

maandag 23 mei 2016

before and after image of a Bellevue avenue photoshop action set by Willie Kers
As a photographer i really enjoy to capture an image as much as right in camera.  I love to shoot natural light portraits. Especially outdoors during the last light of the day "The Golden Hour".
After a session I can hardly wait to view the images on my big screen. I use photoshop to put a personal stamp on my images.  Sometimes it can be time consuming because Photoshop is so very versatile and it has a lot of options. All tough i know my way around in Photoshop, I rather spend my time having fun with my family. And to reduce my editing time in Post, I use my own hand made actions. I must say that in the beginning, when I started out with digital photography and Photoshop, I bought a lot of actions that I hardly ever used. Most of the actions weren't as helpful as they seemed on before hand. So these days I've become more selective and most of my work is hand edit but once in a while there are these actions that really help to speed up my workflow.

I was so honored that Bellevue Avenue has given me the opportunity to be a tester of their brand new set "The Resplendent Collection". Especially since I bought some overlays in the past from Bellevue Avenue that I really like! The description of the "Resplendent Collection" is colorful, dreamy and radiant, so I couldn't wait to try it out. Because these three words describe the kind of photography that I love. Normally i don't do much heavy editing in post but I felt that, to give a good review of this set, I had to use most of the actions and brushes that are in the set. So I edit some images that really could use some magical touch. 

The Resplendent Collection is what Bellevue Avenues has promised! It's colorful, dreamy, radiant and magical! There are some really great and helpful actions, brushes and portrait enhancers like "Peach glow" and "Creamy skin smooth". Also the Luminous Foundations are really amazing! They really give that extra final touch to my images. Since I still shoot analog, mostly in black & white, I've become very sceptic about BW actions. I've seen a lot of BW actions that promised to give me that Old School analog feel but in the end it was never what I've been searching for. Until now. I was really excited about the BW Thrift from the "Color Shifts" set! That action gave me the analog magic I've been searching for with just one click. It's my favorite action in the set! 

There are so many options in "The Resplendent Collection" that I could play for days with them! This set is definitely a keeper! If you are a portrait or natural light photographer who loves to shoot outdoors, than this set is made for you!

On the website of Bellevue Avenue and on their Facebook page, you'll can find more information an other test examples about their brand new "Resplendent Collection".

Here are some before and afters I've edited with actions and brushes from the "Resplendent Collection". 

(All of the images are captured with the Fujifilm Xpro2)

before and after image of a Bellevue avenue photoshop action set by Willie Kers

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