Through the lensbaby - April 2013

zaterdag 20 april 2013

It's amazing how time flies. This is already the second post of our monthly blog circle "Through the Lensbaby". This month i went with my children and my beloved Lensbaby to the to our national park and the playground. We had so much fun. Spring has finally arrived in the Netherlands so we are planning to do a lot more of these fun little field trips during the next few months. And guess what! My Lensbabies agreed to come along :)

After enjoying my blogpost, please visit my dear and incredible talented friends across the globe too see what they've captured with their lensbaby's.

First, you can check out the stunning images of my talented friend Sarah Cunningham Vaughn of Sunshine Lane Photography.

2 opmerkingen

  1. These are wonderful! Your focus is amazing and I love your black and white conversions. Such a sense of joy and fun.

  2. These are amazing Willie. I love your conversions as well!


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